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A Memory of Light and it’s map

First post in a while. I will be doing the map for AMoL. However, due to stuff going on in life and the fact that I also want to read and enjoy the book before I even start mapping,  i don't have an ETA. My best Guess would be Spring 2013.  That's about it. Standby.


The full overlay map

I took all of book 1-12 and overlapped all the paths to make this map. It's very large and beutiful. Enjoy:


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Wheel of Time book 13: Towers of Midnight

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WoT Book 13: Towers of Midnight



13 – Towers of Midnight

13A  - Rand, leaving Dragonmount walking towards Tar Valon carries the sunshine with him. Passing an orchard that had its crop spoiled, Rand and the goodness now in him, causes the apples to flourish immediately.

13B – Just over the ghealdean border, Perrin meets up with one of those he sent with the wagons towards Andor before the battle at Malden. He finds out that they turned towards Jehanna. They Camp just north of the road. Near the camp, they find a section of wilderness that is taking on blight. There is a village in it that is from somewhere else also. They scour it all with the one power. Perrin then goes to the wolf dream to hunt, and sees ominous visions of his friends. Later, they find whitecloaks camped near them. The whitecloaks know Perrin is there, and Byar/Barnhold get a boner for killing Perrin again. Galad is not convinced, but as Perrin did kill 2whitecloaks in TEotW, he will have to arrest him. He and Perrin both mention parlay. He meets with Galad and nothing really comes of it. The Aes Sedai and Asha’man are learning to make circles. Later, Faile makes picnic for them, and Perrin tells her about the wolf in him. The whole story. This is the first real step he makes to accepting his role as a leader. Perrin then is in the world of dreams with Hopper, learning. He finds the wall, which we find out later is the dream spike, put there by slayer.

Meeting with Aes Sedai and Wise ones, they discuss Carhien and news. Perrin mentions the Rahvin being one of the forsaken and Maighdin/Morgase hears it and flips. Perrin agrees that there is no recourse for the Whitecloaks other than battle. He spends some more time training in the wolf dream with hopper, and has a confrontation with Slayer. After that, he lines up to fight the Whitecloaks. They are vastly outnumbered, so he gives them a warning and asks for parley. Perrin and Galad meet, and Galad sees Morgase, revealing her to all. Perrin agrees to trial with Morgase as the judge. Morgase, speaking to Galad, makes him question the methods and thought process of the children.

In the wolf dream, perrin continues to train, now learning about entering nightmares. Afterwards, he is near Dragonmount when Rand’s beam of son covers it. This is a signal to the wolf that the last hunt is about to begin. They will help in the last battle. Perrin enters the wolf dream to finally confront slayer. He goes into the dome with Hopper and moves the dreamspike to tar valon.

13C – Rand walks into Tar Valon, care free, and asks to speak to the Amyrlin. He talks to Suian on the way, thanking her for taking that arrow for him in Fal Dara(TGH). When he sees Egwene, he tells her that in one month, he will meet her north of Tar Valon to talk about his plans. And that he will be breaking the seals, and wants Female and Male chanelers helping him this time. After he leaves, all the other Aes Sedai say how his presence made them unable to move.

13D – Caemlyn – Mat is in Caemlyn drinking, gambling, and not looking at women. He finds out the Gholam followed him there. He goes to the Bands camp, a few miles out of the city. In the camp, Mat goes to his tent and finds the Gholam, who killed Lopin and 2 redarms. Mat and Teslyn fight it, but it gets away. Mat plans to kill the Gholam, he just doesn’t know how yet. The Aes Sedai plan to leave Mat. He stays in the city now, and writes a poorly worded letter to Elayne. Later, the Aes Sedai, Sul’dam, and Bayle Doman leave his camp for Tar Valon. Mat gives them a message for the Amyrlin to have the Horn of Valere ready for him, he intends to get it.

Mat and Thom meet with Elayne and Birgitte to discuss the dragons Aludra will make. They agree to let the band keep ¼ of them, and tie the Band to Andor. Mat also lets Elayne study the foxhead Ter’angreal. He ‘sneaks’ into the castle in order to get caught and talk with Birgette about the tower of Ghenjei. While they chat, Elayne is stupid and gets caught by the Black Ajah. She saves herself as Mat and Birgette get to her. But Mat gets a few copies of his Foxhead Ter’Angreal. He starts to plan how to kill the Gholam.

Unmasking himself and acting on the rumors he heard, Mat makes himself known in taverns. He and the Band fight off some would be attackers. The Gholam tracks him down, and Mat fights and pushes him back with the copied medallions. Mat pushes it onto a skimming platform, then knocks it off into the never-ending void. Win.

13E – Tear - Rand returns to Tear, a new man. He acknowledges his Toh to the Aiel, and agrees to meet it. He outs the rebels hidden among his “Supporters”, and pardons Cadsuane.  Tam is there, and he reunites with him. Later, after Nynaeve cures an Asha’man’s insanity, Rand thanks her for healing those around him. And, gives her leave to return to the White Tower.  But he asks her to be with him for the final battle. He will need her to wield Callendor.

13F – Bandar Eben – Rand returns to Bandar Eben to make right what he did there. The city is in ruins, it’s people beaten and poor. He inspires the people there to organize themselves, and clean up the city. Going to the ships where ever sack of grain they opened was bad, he opened other and they were good. Ta’veran twisting of chances. All would be good while he was in the city.

13G – Maradon – Ituralde barely holds the city, fighting trollocs and fades within its walls. Rand goes to save them, with Bashere and his army. They take control of the city, but a mass of trollocs larger than ever seen before gets ready to overcome them. Hundreds of thousands of them. Rand takes a portal to the field of battle just outside the broken city wall and shit gets real. He puts out fire, ice, deathgates, and more on a level no one of this age has seen before. In an our, all the shadowspawn are dead or retreated. Maradon is saved.

13E(continued) – Rand brings Ituralde and Bashere to Tear. As a reward for Ituralde’s devotion, he lets him see the King of Arad Doman, who had been hidden away in the White Tower.

13F – Tar Valon(Within the wolf dream) – Perrin runs with the dreamspike into Tar Valon, which disrupts Mesaana’s plans for Egwene. This saves Egwene, because she can battle Mesaana without traveling to her trap. Mesaana tries to kill Perrin with balefire, but Perrin dissolves it by willing it, as is the way with the wolf dream. Egwene is amazed. Perrin lures Slayer into a nightmare, and Slayer is swallowed by it, along with the dreamspike. Hopper dies also.

13B(continued). Perrin wakes up. Most of his people have gone through the now available gateways, but he still has a few thousand soldiers. He walks around to think and begins doing blacksmith work. Naeld offers to keep the metal hot for him, and Perrin begins to craft. Neald, another Asha’man, and wise ones make a circle as Perrin works the metal. He crafts a bad-ass hammer of shadowspawn smite! This is the first power wrought weapon in a long time. Perrin sees the dreamspike was made to push them into an ambush, and decides to save the whitecloaks, who are in that ambus instead of them.

13G – Perrin travels to the Whitecloaks campsite just in time to save them from shadowspawn. Charging into battle to save Galad, he names Perrin’s punishment to be a fine paid and to fight in the last battle. Bornhold kills Byar, who would have stabbed Perrin in the back.

13H – Whitebridge – Perrin takes everyone into Andor by gateway, and Morgase prepares for Cemlyn. Perrin marries her and Tallanvor. Then Mat pops in to say hi, and catches a badger. He warns Perrin, and tells him to meet him in Caemlyn.

13D(continued) – Perrin, now in Caemlyn, visits with Elayne to discuss his lordship. They agree to make him high lord of the two rivers. He brings with them Ghealdean, Saldae(through Faile), Mayene, and the Seaenchan as close alliances. Mat, Perrin, and Thom meet in an inn to catch up, then discuss the tower of Ghenjei. Mat and Perrin say their goodbyes, and Mat it send to the tower, then Perrin prepares his army to move.

13I – Far Madding – Rand meets with the borderland army. They test him with an unknown prophecy asking how a woman died. He knew because he now knows everything Lews Therin knew. They accept him as The Dragon.

13J – The Fields of Merrilor – Perrin moves is army through, joining Egwene’s army, Tear, Aiel, and other factions. He makes it known he will support Rand’s decision. Rand Joins the army forming, ready to make his stand.

13K – The Tower of Ghenjei – Mat, Thom, and Noal travel to the tower to save Moraine. Using the symbol you make to begin the Snakes and Foxes game, they enter the tower. They wander for a while, backtracking, trying to learn the rules, but it makes no sense. They are lead to Moraine after refusing to give their weapons, often fighting. They deal to free Moraine, Mat giving half the light of the world, being one of his eyes. They fight their way out, but Noal, revealing he is Jaim Farstrider, sacrifices himself for them. Promptly after they escape, Moraine wants to marry Thom. He agrees. They say if you were looking, you could tell*.

*In rereading the series, I didn’t see much foreshadowing to that. And I was looking.


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Wheel of Time Book 12: The Gathering Storm

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WoT Book 12: The Gathering Storm


12 – The gathering Storm

12A – Rand drops off the captured Sul’dam and damane near Ebou Dar in order to take a message to the real Tuon.

12B – At a retreat in western Tarabon, Rand is with Min, Cadsuane, Nynaeve, and others. They are questioning Semhirage, yet getting no info because Rand won’t let them hurt her. Many of the Aiel join him there, including Aviendha and Rhuarc. Rand’s disrespect of the Aiel continues.

12C – Rand travels to Tarabon to get Rodel Ituralde to go to Saldae to guard the blight. Rodel get’s caught in the Ta’veran web and agrees. Rand gives him Asha’man and takes a few of his officers to be in charge of Arad Doman along with the Aiel.

12B(continued) – While Aviendha’s unexplained punishment continues, a Saldean spontaneously melts, setting the manor on fire. Rand yells at stuff. Rand pulls himself to Moridin’s lair in the dream world. They have a discussion, then rand leaves.

12D – Malden – Perrin is packing to go, trying to avoid his responsibility.

12E – Perrin starts learning about the wolf dream again. Faile and her companions hold a funeral for the shaido that helped them.

12F – Hinderstap - Mat is making his way north towards Caemlyn. All the time complaining about Tuon, Aes Sedai, etc. They stop at a town called Hinderstap, where Mat gambles his way to a bunch of food, then at night, all the locals go Zombie and kill each other. They are alive the next day, and Mat learns this happens every night. They also find that someone is distributing pictures of Mat and Perrin. Mat decides to find out who it is.

12G – Rand drops off men near the blight, and rides with Bashere and Ituralde to see it(the blight). Then he travels back to the manor.

12B(continued) – Rand returns to the manor and is in his room with Min. Shaider Haran has a Black,  Elza, knocked out Semhirage’s guard Aes Sedai, and killed one, as well as bring her the Domination Band. Dressed as a servant, Semirage and Elza get it on his neck, and begin to make him choke Min. Rand then senses and pulls from the True source(likely available do to his connection with Ishamael/Moridin) to break the band. Min is alive, he kills Semhirage and Elza with Balefire. Seeing himself being forced to almost kill Min breaks him, and he will no linger show any emotion at all. Everyone comes running as soon as they find out. When Cadsuane get’s there, he shows her the collar. We also find out that the Male half of the Choeden’Kal is no longer in her possession(Rand has it). Rand banishes Cadsuane from his presence.

12H – Bandar Eben – Rand goes to Bandar Eban, trying to find the king of Arad Doman, and Graendel. He tracks down a messenger who came from her, but he is dead. Nynaeve investigates herself and they find a man so heavily under compulsion that he dies when they take it out of his head. But he gives up Graendel’s location to Rand.

12I – Trustair – Mat is making some elaborate plan to get into the town of Trusair, as well as trying to get Aludra to give him secrets, and talking about cannons. Then Verin appears, she has been waiting for Mat, and says she can get him to Caemlyn through traveling. She was the one distributing the pictures of him and Perrin. Verin reveals that the pattern tugged her towards Murandy into Mat’s path. Though we don’t know if this is a lie.

12J – Falme – Rand is meeting the Seanchan just outside Falme. For the first time he admits to being confused if he is Rand to Lews Therin, and uses the plural “We” to talk about himself. He. Nynaeve, Flinn, and Jahar meet with Tuon and her Deathwatch guards. Rand insists on peace, and tries to bully her. She resists and says no. As soon as he is gone, she orders the attack on the white tower, thinking it is the source of his power. Then she names herself empress.

12K – Natrin’s Barrow – Rand confronts Graendel by sending in a noble to negotiate with her. He comes out full of compulsion. That proves she is there. He then uses the Choden’kal to make a huge stream of balefire to destroy the fort and everyone in it. Nyanaeve checks the noble and his compulsion is gone, proving that Graendel is dead. Nyanaeve and Min are worried about him, as usual. Though we find out later in the Preface to ToM that Graendel had Delana, a black sister, do the compulsion, then tied her and Aran’Gar(Balthemel) up before escaping. So Aran’Gar is dead instead of Graendel.

12L – Tear - Rand goes to Tear, they cheer him.

12M – Rand goes to meet the borderlanders on the plains of Maredo. They are not there, but Hurin is. He tells them they are waiting near Far Madding.

12N – Far Madding – Rand sees the army of borderlanders camped around Far Madding and nearly destroys them with the power. Nynaeve stops him. He sends Hurin to give them a choice. Either he gives them a gateway back to the blight, or they have the shame of sitting out tarmon gaidon. He goes back to tear.

12L(Continued) – To follow through with their plan, Nynaeve brings Tam to see Rand. It starts out nicely, but rand flies off the handle when he finds out it was Cadsuane’s doing. He almost kills Tam, then flees to Ebou Dar. Tam goes and yells at Cadsuane.

12O – Ebou Dar – Rand goes to Ebou Dar, planning on destroying the city and crushin the Seanchan. He spends a few days there. Time with Tinkers and the people in the city. He sees them happy. That combined with his shame about how he treated Tam, he decided he can’t do it, and opens a gateway to outside the city. He then skims to the top of Dragonmount.

12P – Dragonmount – Rand sits on Dragonmount pondering. He begins down a path of despair, questioning if it is easier to let the wheel break in order to end the suffering of men. It is Lews Therin that is voice of reason, and Rand realizes that you keep fighting for the chance at redemption, and for love. Drawing on the Choeden’kal so strongly, he then destroys it and the access key. A halo of light opens up in the clouds over Dragonmount. The newly reunited tower, with Egwene as amyrlin sees it. She looks at it, knowing something good has happened.



Wheel of Time Book 11: Knife of Dreams

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WoT Book 11: Knife of Dreams


11 – Knife of Dreams

11A – Malden – Perrin meets with Galina Casban(black) who snuck out of the Shaido camp. She assures Perrin that she will bring Faile out of the city when she escapes. She plans to kill her, but Perrin doesn’t know that. Perrin then meets with the Seanchan, and agrees not to raise Manetheran in exchange for Seanchan soldiers and support. They plan on poisoning the Shaido wise ones with forkroot before the attack.

11B – As the circus rides north, Matt and Tuon say silly things to each other. Selucia and the Aes Sedai say silly things to Matt. Matt buys Tuon a horse, and she is sometimes nice, sometimes not. She collars two of the Aes Sedai, and Mat releases them and buries the A’dam. Tuon admits that perhaps Sul’Dam can see the weaves and learn to channel, but the choice NOT to is what separates them from doing the crime of channeling. Later, Mat asks Thom about the letter he always reads, so Tom shows it to him. He, Thom, and Noal agree there to go to the tower of Ghenjei and rescue Moraine form the snakes and foxes.

11C – Maderin – Mat takes Tuon to a ‘Hell’ in the town. They are attacked in an alley and kill several people who corner them. Likely all dark friends. Mat plans to leave the circus immediately.

11D – Almizar – Perring goes to Almizar to get the Forkroot. They use his letter from Suroth and the low blood in the town agrees to it. Darkfriends attack Perrin, putting an arrow through his arm. They kill themselves. Neald heals Perrin.

11D – Rand is in the manor in eastern Tear. Logain and he are planning how to take power away from Taim. Many of the Asha’man are sent away from the tower. Lolial’s mother arrives and Lolial and Erith are married. Shortly after, Tens of thousands of Trollocs and Fades attack the manor. Rand takes Saidin and Lew Therin takes control in Rand’s moment of weakness. LT wreaks havoc with weaves Rand didn’t even know, spinning fire and deathgates. Thousands and thousands of trollocs die. Logain and the other Asha’man learn these weaves quickly. Bashere returns and tells Rand he met with the Daughter of Nine Moons. From chapters in CoT, this is not to be Tuon, but one of the Forsaken.

11E – Rand goes to Tear to check in on the stone. He finds out that they have settled with the rebels, and one of the terms was to make Darlin king of Tear. Cadsuane prods at Rand more.

11F – After cutting east just north of Maderin, Mat, Thom, Tuon, and company are taking small paths towards the mountains. Tuon allows Mat to kiss her, then treats him badly after. Vanin find Talmanes. He is there with several thousand horse and foot soldiers. He reports that the pass that Mat was headed for is gone to a landslide. Talmanes sent men over it to have the remaining members of the Band meet in Andor. Nearby, they meet up with the Band and start planning their escape. From Tuon’s PoV, she realizes that Mat isn’t what she thaught.

The Battle of Molvaine Gap: Mat starts using the Band’s movement ability to taunt and strike at the Seanchan. Hoping they will move the larger force to the north down to help, giving him the ability to slip away. The deathwatch guard see what is happening and intercept him with a tiny force. Not enough to fight even if they had to. Karede conforms Thom, who he thinks is the General. Mat is there, and asks him to take Tuon back to safety. Tuon then completes the wedding vows.

They then learn of a large force come specifically to kill Tuon, as part of Suroth’s plan. Some of the deathwatch guards sneak away with Tuon, and some stay to bait them in so Mat can battle them while Tuon slips away. He defeats a vastly larger force, and Tuon makes it back to Ebou Dar. Mat learns he is the Prince of Ravens.

11A(Continued) – Back in Malden, Perrin begins putting forkroot into the water supply and several of his most trusted sneak into the town to be ready for the assault. News of Galad’s whitecloaks reaches him also.

11A – The Battle of Malden: Perrin sets up two rivers bowman, bolstered by Tam Al’Thor and more Two Rivers men taken in by gateway. Tam learns that Rand is the Dragon Reborn. They are flanked in the north and south by Seanchan and Damane. Wise ones are with the bowmen. The battle starts and the bowmen cut down thousands of shaido quickly.

Perrin begins the assault into the town. In the town, Aram Attacks Perrin claiming that he is shadowspawn and the prophet was right about him. We find out later that one of the forsaken appeared to Masema, claiming to be the Dragon, and that he should have Aram kill Perrin. Aram is killed by shaido. Meanwhile, Rolan helps Faile and the others escape. Perring finds them and kills Rolan. Faile is sad, but knows that is battle and is happy to see Perrin. Gaul runs off to find Chiad.

11G – Rand goes to the Altara/Andor border to meet with “The Daughter of Nine Moons”. It is Semhirage in disguise, and there is a battle. Rand loses his left hand, just above the wrist. They find the Male A’dam and Semhirage is shielded, and revealed to be Anath, Tuon’s truth speaker.