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Wheel of Time Book 1: The Eye of the World

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WoT 1: The Eye of the World

1 - Eye of the World:

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Eye of the World

1A - Story begins: Rand, Perrin Matt escape the two rivers after Winternight trolloc attack, along with Lan/Morain, Thom, and Egwene.

1B - Baerlon: Rand meets Min, Fain reemerges after thought dead, Rand tells him where they are staying. Nynaeve catches up with the group.

1C - Aridol: The party enter Aridol, Matt picks up the dagger. They become separated by Mashadar. Rand, Matt, Thom find Bayle Domon's ship and head off for whitebridge, Perrin/Egwene go across the river. Moraine, Lan, Nynaeve pursue them all.

1D - Whitebridge: Perrin and Egwene meet Elyas Machera, who brings them to the Tua'Than, where Aram is introduced

1E - Rand, Mat, Thom get off the boat at Whitebridge. They are confronted by a Fade. Thom sacrifices himself. Rand and Matt flee towards Caemlyn.

1F - Perrin, Egwene, and Elyas take refuge in the abandoned Stedding to escape murderous ravens. Are captured by whitecloaks after Perrin kills 2 of them.

1G - Four Kings: Rand and Mat are confronted by crooked innkeeper and then dark friends. Rand touches the true source to pull down lightning. Gets sick 2 days later.

1H - Caemlyn: Rand and Matt get to the city. Rand meets Lolial. Rand Meets Elayne, Morgase, Elaida. After 1I, Moraine and company meet Rand and Matt in Caemlyn, and the take The Ways to Fal Dara, barely escaping Machin Shin. Someone was following them(Padin Fain) and it’s assumed he was taken by Machin Shin.

1I – Lan, Moraine, and Nynaeve rescue Perrin and Egwene from the Whitecloaks.

1J – Pursued by the blight, the part comes upon the Green Man and the Eye of the World. Bethalamel and Aginor appear. Rand travels to Tarwins gap and witnesses the Sheirnan's fighting shadowspawn.  The Green Man kills Bethalamel. Rand Kills Aginor after touching Saidin.

1K – The entire party ends Eye of the World in Fal Dara. Morain spies on Rand and Egwene talking, predicts the dragon fulfilling prophecies. Padan Fain is locked up in Fal Dara’s prison.

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  1. iirc, Rand first touches the true source when they’re fleeing Emond’s Field to strengthen Bela, and then acts crazy on Bayle Domon’s boat as a symptom, not when he calls down lightening to free himself and Mat from that cellar in Four Kings.

    • Good catch. I’ll adjust the text. I must have swept over that part. Did moraine go to strengthen Bela, and bela didn’t need it? I feel like that was how it was described.

      • I’m enjoying the map while listening to the audiobook years after reading the book. It’s fun to see what you missed the first time through, and I realized that Rand actually touches the source (I believe) a few times early on. One is definitely when he will Bella to “RUN!” and Moraine later comments that she is indeed in need of the least healing. In Baerlon, when he first confronts the Whitecloaks after Mat’s prank, it also describes his feeling really silly and having tingling arms and tons of energy, etc. That sounds like a touch to me possibly. There is one other time before that where it mentions him feeling his bones aching and tingling, blood on fire, etc., and that happens before Baerlon and possibly before Bella – iirc, it’s during the Winter’s Night events. Of course, the first time reading/listening, you don’t realize it. :) I could be wrong, but it seems like early seeds of touching the source there and each time, it gets stronger until he realizes it. (Of course, he may have inadvertently done so before whenever he uses the flame & the void trick, especially during the archery events.) Thoughts?

        • Oh, you know what, though – that feeling he gets when confronting the Whitecloaks in Baerlon is probably not touching the source but the after effects from the Bella incident. It does say he feels like he is getting sick; a cold or so. So, maybe the Bella deal really was the first time. The earlier could have just been soreness from the events combined with adrenaline. :) I’ll stop thinking out loud now. B&A!

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